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“Through the majority of my adult life, I have exercised.  It has always been part of my daily lifestyle. Many years I just ran; nothing else. I did triathlons as I got older believing the change up to a multi-sport activity would benefit me overall.  I was in really good physical condition but by the time I entered my 50s, my body was beaten.  I had suffered many over-use injuries; plantar fasciatis, bulging disc in my lumbar spine, shoulder problems and tendonitis/bursitis in my hip.  I quit running, started walking, swam occasionally and biked a lot.  10 more years of this and I was having problems sleeping because of persistent pain, had lost Range of Motion in my shoulders and was getting injections in my shoulder, hip and back and see a Physical Therapist.  I finally really felt like I was getting old.  My son who is a Cross Fit Coach and my daughter who belongs to a CF gym had been encouraging me for months to give CF a try,  I was initially reluctant because frankly I was intimidated.  I didn’t think that I would be able to “do it” because of being in my 60s.  But after seeing another doctor and getting another joint injection and knowing that it was only a matter of time before the pain returned, I decided to try something different.  I scheduled an appointment with the coach at my daughter’s gym for an introduction, followed that with 3 fundamentals classes then took the plunge and joined.  I discovered that CF is for anyone.  There is a community in  CF that encourages and supports everyone no matter what level of fitness you may start at. The coaches are trained to evaluate each member as an individual and help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.  For me, that was to improve mobility, gain strength to promote better posture and maintain bone density. They tailor the work outs to your level of  ability. I learned  there are many different ways of “scaling” a work out so that anybody can perform the objectives of the day.  After about 2 months of building strength and improving joint mobility, I am happy to say I am pain free and I’m doing things I never dreamed of doing before like “dead lifts” and “clean and jerk!”  Oh, sure, I get muscle soreness after some work outs, but it’s a “good” sore!  I have not had to return for any more joint injections or Physical Therapy sessions and I sleep through the night without pain.  I can see my overall muscle strength developing and I’m proud of that because it’s visual proof of my improvement.  Beyond that, I now have the confidence to count on a good quality of life for many more years as my fitness improves. CF is giving me the chance to keep healthy and active doing the things I love to do whether it’s a long day of hiking or biking.  I also now know that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can benefit from CF.”    Visiting member, Lynette Doele.  Home Box: Friction CrossFit, Grand Rapids, Michigan.



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